Rekordbox 6 vs Rekordbox 5

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Rekordbox 6 vs Rekordbox 5

Pioneer DJ presented this week Recordbox 6, and it is not an update, but a new program. We are going to detail the differences with version 5.

First of all, tell you that both can coexist in your system. You can have your Rekordbox 5.x, with the functionalities you have now, and have Rekordbox 6, which has the following advantages:

Seamless library synchronization between multiple devices

Upload tracks and playlists from your rekordbox library to the Dropbox* cloud storage service and access them across multiple devices. When you set up tracks or create playlists on the way to a gig, they’re instantly synced to your cloud library and available for you to play on the spot. Access your latest rekordbox library via your smartphone anytime, anywhere you go. Automatic sync with Dropbox* and manual sync over Wi-Fi mean your library stays up to date with tracks and metadata like playlists, cue points, and grid information.

Integrated content management from various sources

With rekordbox, you can manage different types of media from your hard drive, the cloud, streaming services, and music promotion services, all in one place. You can also use the advanced track analysis and management features in rekordbox for music stored on any of them.

Intelligent file management for fast and smooth track selection

Easily create playlists with tracks that fit well in the mix using features like Track Suggestion, Related Tracks, and Match. You can also quickly explore tracks by filtering search results based on My Tag information. And thanks to Auto Relocate, rekordbox automatically finds missing files.

Manage music seamlessly and play tracks instantly

Prepare up to the last minute and play it immediately at your concert. The rekordbox mobile app allows you to play tracks in the app by simply connecting to a compatible CDJ/XDJ via a USB cable. Thanks to cloud library management, there’s no need to deal with different playlists depending on the device you’re using, so you can use your main library for your set.

Get ready with ease

Take full advantage of mobile-optimized features, which make preparing for performances as seamless as on a laptop. Features like Playlist Box, Quick Cue, and Dual Control let you prepare tracks more efficiently and intuitively than ever.

Recordbox 6 It has three payment methods:

  • The first, called Freeoffers the usual functions, with the new interface. 0 Eurythmics per month.
  • The second, Coreexpands the basic version with functions such as recording, sharing mixes, saving sample sequence,… €6.99 / month until July 13.
  • And the third and most complete, called Creativeadd the copy of your library in the cloud and synchronization with mobile devices. €9.99 / month until July 13.

Here you can see the features of each version:

As you can see, it is a change in the management of your considerable library, since the convenience of having all your devices with your tracks synchronized is a great idea. You are the one who must decide which version interests you.

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