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RC-5 and RC-500: Boss renews its loopers

Boss RC-5

Boss has announced its new range of loopers, which offer 32-bit recording. We tell you the news that the RC-5 and the RC-500.

If the other day we presented you the Pocket GT, today we update the range of loopstations. Boss launched its first pedalboard loops almost 20 years ago, and these pedals have become essential for a large number of musicians.

This bit resolution update is not the only new feature they include. The most visible is the new screenin which you have a temporary representation of your loop. It also shows a color change when you’re recording (red), overdubbing (yellow), or playing back (green). These two new features give you a feedback visual with which it is much easier to know at a glance what you are doing.


Another very interesting improvement is the incorporation of a MIDI input and output, with which you can both synchronize and control your RC-5 and RC-500 with an external device, such as a drum machine. Which is not necessary in itself, since they have a catalog of 57 drum patterns so that it is not necessary to use any more device.

Another very interesting novelty, due to its creativity, is the function reversewhich in the case of RC-500 It also has Loop FX as repeat, scatter, shiftand vinyl flick. Very suitable additions to give your recordings more possibilities, both in standard and more experimental music styles.

Boss RC-500

We recommend that you take a look at the official features of both the 5 and the 500, so that you realize that they are a very useful addition to your equipment, both in the studio and live.

We, for one, have been captivated and already have them in our store (here and here). With Boss it is impossible to fail.

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