RAYE and D-Block Europe sweep “Prada” thanks to the young cässo

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RAYE and D-Block Europe sweep “Prada” thanks to the young cässo

One of the most successful songs right now in the world, and especially in the United Kingdom, where it has been top 2 and has been around the top 3 for some time, is “Prada.” It is a remix of an old dance song, which has conquered the dance floors and TikTok. It’s our Song of the Day today.

Starting at the beginning, the British rap group D-Block Europe released their first album ‘The Blue Print: Us vs. Them’ in 2020. The 5th single from that album was called ‘Ferrari Horses’ and featured the voice of RAYE, who we now assume to be one of the most successful singers of recent times thanks to ‘Escapism’, but who before It was not. Young Adz from D-Block Europe and RAYE sang about luxury goods and expensive hotels in ostentatious lyrics, but that was the end of it.

This spring, a 20-year-old man named Cassö unofficially posted a remix of the song on TikTok, but it went viral and has since been released and conquered the charts. Specifically, it has been number 1 in Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Holland.

As if that were not enough with how fucked up the remix already is, specifically at 142 bpm, the “sped up” version has been published and, in addition, an acoustic version that wants to show that there was melody here to give and give away. Plus a vocal performance by RAYE in a moment that only we dogs and Caroline Polachek fans can attend to.

At the moment, ‘Prada’ and its 200 remixes are cassö’s only production, although he has also remixed Tate McRae’s ‘greedy’.

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