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rane is a brand that since the early 80s has been chosen among musicians, DJs and contractors as it is characterized by its established innovative method of manufacturing professional audio tools, maintaining a price accessible to the public, as well as its dedicated customer service.


The company was founded in the state of Washington in 1981. Its owners were previously workers in the management area of ​​Phase Linear Corporation, which was a high-end electronics company at the time. Adding more than 40 years of audio experience on the part of the managers, it was decided to create rane. Headquartered in Mukilteo, WA, all products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the United States with worldwide distribution.

Once founded, the owners became independent heads in each department, taking into account the experience acquired. This organizational method created a solid departmental structure, as the heads of each department approached their team with an ownership perspective, with the ultimate goal of achieving success.

The name Rane was selected from an anagram created by the common letters of the first and last names of the original founders. This particular anagram was selected because it was short, easy to say and remember, and they liked the double meaning possibilities involving wet ties to the northwest.


The fundamental pillars of the successful philosophy of rane They are knowledge, integrity, pride and common sense. At Rane, they focus on treating people the way they would like to be treated, designing and building products the way they would like theirs to be designed and built, and when something goes wrong, taking quick action. and with determination to correct it. Is a way outdated and common sense of running a business, based on trust and mutual respect.

First Products

In its beginnings the company began with four products aimed at small bands, designed to improve their live performances. At the forefront was a single 12-input, 6-output matrix mixer (MM 12) that was used to create six different monitor mixes to drive the stage monitor speakers. The idea was to help artists hear themselves better. Up until that point, either the small group had no monitors at all, or they were all driven by the same mix. What Rane provided were new, compactly designed, affordable tools to help solve the many problems of stage monitoring.

Rane MM-12

Complementing the matrix mixer was the industry’s first 6-channel power amplifier (MA 6) and a 6-channel headphone amplifier for testing (HC 6). The fourth initial product was a unique combination unit, consisting of a 1/3-octave graphic equalizer and a simple real-time analyzer (RE 27), which aimed to provide the performing musician with a useful and easy-to-use tool. use to improve your sound in all places.

Rane Quality

By doing all this, Rane set a new price for performance, quality and reliability. The prices for Rane products were well below the top high-end equipment, but they surpassed them and lasted longer. Although they were still priced significantly higher than lower-end products, thus creating a new middle ground.

Rane’s reputation for reliability is that in its first two years of production, Rane designed and shipped eight new products, four of which are still in production today.


In 2012, Rane, in cooperation with Serato, introduced the Sixty-Two mixer for Serato Scratch Live, completing the full integration of Serato Scratch Live software and the live mixer.

Sixty Two

In 2016, the Rane company was purchased by InMusic.

Talking about Rane is talking about a well-known name in DJ hardware. In 2020 Rane releases the Twelve, a turntable-like audio controller with 12-inch motorized platters, which eliminates the need for needles and tone arms. It also adds a multi-function touch strip for searching tracks and setting or activating hot cues.

Rane One

Rane One

For the year 2021 the company finally announced its first one-piece DJ controller: the Rane One. This device implements a platter design similar to the controllers of a jogging Twelve, the most premium of the company.

The controller features two 7.2-inch motorized platters that use skaters and acrylic records in honor of vinyl and scratch DJs. It’s also not surprising to see that Rane teamed up with Serato DJ for the launch of his first controller, considering the long-standing relationship between the two companies.

One Superior

The console’s features include software effects buttons, loop controls and pads that connect to the Serato Scratch Bank for quick access to scratch samples. The acrylic disc has reference markings and there are complementary markings on the device to help you on your adventures in the scratching. There is also an adjustable torque setting.


2 7.2-inch motorized turntables with quick-release acrylic discs provide authentic vinyl feel, Instant access FX software with 2 metal FX paddles, Ultra-light Mag Four crossfader, Customizable high/low torque adjustment, Start/stop button traditional turntable plunger style, 16 independent, multi-function performance pads providing access to Hot Cues, Saved Loops, Roll, Sampler, Slicer and Serato’s Scratch Bank functions, 6 radio-style FX buttons to trigger any combination of software FX One-touch Depth and Time parameter controls for fine tuning, Independent aluminum paddle controls, 3-band dynamic EQs and high-pass/low-pass filters on each deck, Dedicated loop controls, Main and XLR outputs booth, 2 Line-Phono inputs, 2 TRS / XLR microphone inputs, 2 USB computer connections, Serato DJ Pro Software included.

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