Quevedo and 'La Última' maintain their leadership in Singles Spain

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Quevedo and ‘La Última’ maintain their leadership in Singles Spain

The leadership of the Spanish singles charts remains in the hands of Quevedo, who has accumulated a new week at number 1 thanks to his single ‘La Última’. The artist continues in his position as the most successful Spaniard of the moment and this is certified by the 9 songs with which he is present on the list. They are closely followed by Dellafuente and Morad with their ‘Manos Rotas’, which remain in the top 3 just behind the Bizarrap and Young Miko session.

This week, however, a new song manages to make it into the top 10: ‘Una Foto Remix’ by Mesita, Nicki Nicole, Tiago PZK and Emilia. The song, which has been streaming in our country in recent days, consolidates this momentum by rising to the top 10 for the first time after its debut on the list more than a month ago. On the other hand, despite his departure from the top 10, Nebulossa remains within the top 20 with his hit ‘ZORRA’ (#13).

As for the entries, the highest ones go to Chris Jedi, Gaby Music, Dei V, Anuel AA and Ozuna with ‘Bad Boy’ (#19). Also making its debut on the list is ‘Mal de Amores’ by Natos y Waor and Israel B (#37). Likewise, Camilo and Evaluna Montaner enter with ‘Plis’ (#84), Chris Jedi, Gaby Music and Dei V with ‘Perreo Lento’ (#91), Yovngchimi and Dei V with ‘Tussi’ (#93) and Benson Boone with ‘Beautiful Things’ (#100).

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