Pulsatile tinnitus and feeling the pounding in the ear

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Pulsatile tinnitus and feeling the pounding in the ear

Surely it has happened to you at some point: depending on the position you are in, you have clearly noticed the heartbeat in your ear. It is normal and has a name: pulsatile tinnitus. They normally disappear simply with a change in posture, although sometimes they can persist. We give you more details about the pulsatile tinnitus and this feeling of feel and hear heartbeats in the ear.

The heartbeats are heard and they are real

The first thing to note is that although we are talking about sensation, the sound of heartbeats is real and has its origin in an organic and proven action: the pumping of blood and its passage through the blood vessels. It is also true that these beats are heard very punctually and in certain positions. Therefore, only with the change of position, they usually disappear. If the sensation persists over time, regardless of the posture, then you should go to a specialist to see the cause and the best possible treatment.

Causes of pulsatile tinnitus

Hear at some point the heartbeat in ear It doesn’t have to be indicative of any problem. However, if it becomes more or less common, it may be due to some type of circulatory type disease. Other possible causes of pulsatile tinnitus They may be:

  • The intake of some drugs, such as antibiotics or diuretics –ototoxic medications.
  • Listen to music with headphones at a very loud sound
  • Possible trauma – blows or twists – to the neck and head.

Treatment of persistent pulsatile tinnitus

In the event that the sensation of hearing heartbeats in the ear is repeated and is accompanied by a diagnosis, the specialist will determine the best treatment. A fairly common solution is sound enrichment therapy, in which different acoustic signals (melodies and pleasant sounds) seek to mask these beats

How to prevent pulsatile tinnitus

Lead a healthy life is once again the best advice to prevent pulsatile tinnitus. Stay away from continuous noise, eat in a balanced way and with a diet rich in fruit and vegetables can help a lot. Moderate coffee and alcohol consumption, also. Wow, the usual. But there is no better recipe to take care of our hearing health.

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