Protect your ears from water with custom-made earplugs for swimming

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Protect your ears from water with custom-made earplugs for swimming

We have to insist again, and even more so now in the middle of the summer, on the need to protect our ears from water ingress. The accumulation of moisture in the ear canal is a gateway for possible bacteria and, therefore, ear infections. To avoid these hearing problems, the most effective remedy is custom plugs to swim.

Summer is for fun. and suffer a otitis because of an ear infection does not contribute to this goal at all. Therefore, it is time protect our ears while we take a dip, swim or dive in pools, lakes or the sea. And the best way is with custom plugswhich represent the most effective barrier to water entering the ear.

These plugs for swimming in the pool or on the beach involve a perfect adjustment when made to the exact size of the user. They are made with hypoallergenic silicone and they have a lower specific gravity than water, so they float in case of accidental fall.

Very comfortable swimming plugs

The swimming plugs are very comfortableboth to wear and to insert and remove, as they are made, as we said, with a soft and light material such as silicone. There are them for both adults and children.. The previous step is make an appointment at one of our centers so that in less than 15 minutes they can take measurements and thus obtain a completely personalized mold adjusted to each person’s ear.

These bathroom plugs are especially recommended for lovers of water sports (swimmers, rowers and surfersfor example), but also for people with sensitive ears or susceptible to ear infections and for those who carry tympanic drains.

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