Pro-Ject Speaker Box 3 E and Speaker Box 3 E Carbon speakers

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Pro-Ject Speaker Box 3 E and Speaker Box 3 E Carbon speakers

Heinz Lichteneggerthe ultra-dynamic founder and owner of Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the world’s number one seller of turntables, had always dreamed of creating a range of micro-sound boxes capable of reproducing with a extreme naturalness tany type of music and also, in line with the philosophy of their company, they were Within everyone’s reach the pockets. This dream has become a reality in the form of two elegant realizations recently marketed: the Speaker Box 3 E and a version of it improved with audiophile elements, the Speaker Box 3 E Carbon. The first of them is the current basic model from the veteran Austrian firm in compact monitors and has been conceived both to complete a mini Hi-Fi stereo system and to reproduce the main and/or effects channels of a Home Theater set.

Pro-Ject Speaker Box 3 E Speaker Box 3 E Carbon

Impeccably built, the Speaker Box 3 E uses a bass reflex setup 2-way/2 speakers in a non-resonant MDF panel enclosure with high-quality drivers, to deliver sound characterized by its low coloration and his high transparency. In the case of speakers, mount a silk dome tweeter 19 mm in diameter and a “midwoofer” with a continuous profile cone of 76 mm intertwined glass fibers, which allow it to display a frequency response from 89 to 20,000 Hz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. Let us finally highlight the availability of a optional support for wall installation. For its part, the Speaker Box 3 E Carbon perfectly demonstrates that a small speaker box can sound fantastically good.

  Pro-Ject Speaker Box 3 E and Speaker Box 3 E Carbon

Also equipped with a bass reflex setup 2-way/2-speaker, this attractive ultra-compact monitor bases the superiority of its sound on the inclusion of audiophile refinements as widely contrasted as the use, in its midwoofer, of a continuous profile cone of intertwined glass fibers and carbon fiber. Thanks to this solution, the Pro-Ject has a frequency response curve extremely linear to the taste of the most purist fans, specifically from 83 to 20,000 Hz, complemented by a exceptional speed of response and a stereo image precise, deep and detailed. Like its smaller brother, the Speaker Box 3 E Carbon can be installed on any wall with the help of an optional dedicated bracket.

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