Ponto 3, the most powerful processor for osseointegrated implants

Hearing health

Ponto 3, the most powerful processor for osseointegrated implants

People with hearing loss Not only do they want to hear again, but they want to do so in the best conditions, being able to following conversations and distinguishing specific sounds when the environment is noisy. Under this premise, Ponto 3 is committed to technology BrainHearing, which helps the brain in its cognitive processes to identify and focus on specific sound sources. This acoustic discrimination, together with its sound quality, makes Ponto 3 the most powerful sound processor on the market for osseointegrated implants.
This new model of processor Oticon Medical is now available in UMusic centers from all over Spain. Those who have already tried it admit that it is now much easier for them to follow conversations when there is background noise or many people talking at the same time. The aforementioned BrainHearing technology achieves this thanks to its way of processing sound, which sends directly to the bone, inner ear and brain without the need for it to travel through the skin. In this way, this processor reduces the effort dedicated to listening and helps the brain focus on the sound that interests it.

To enhance the best speech understanding in all situations, Ponto 3 also has the FreeFocus directional systemthanks to which the brain orients itself better and differentiates sounds more easily.


Ultradrive technology
Thanks to its processing power, Ponto 3 users get a greater volume range that maintains the power of loud sounds without distorting them, as well as the audibility of softer sounds. In fact, its technology UltraDriveincluded in Ponto 3 SuperPowerand its new platform Inium Sense enable this power while minimizing the risk of feedback.

This sound processor also features the widest frequency range in the industry. An important element, since it has been shown that hearing a greater frequency range contributes, for example, to increasing the speed of language learning.

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