Niña Polaca y Sexy Zebras revisitan juntos “Perdí los galeones”

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Polish Girl and Sexy Zebras revisit “I Lost the Galleons” together

That Polish Girl and Sexy Zebras continue upwards is something that the data confirms. That's why it's a pleasure to hear them joining forces in the new version of “I lost the galleons.”

“I lost the galleons” is one of the first songs that Polish Girl wrote for their last album so far, “May they worship your bones”. But now he is living a second youth again with Sexy Zebras, who join forces in what is “the rawest song and with the most guitars on the album.” According to Niña Polaca, there is no one better than Sexy Zebras, “the band with the most determination and audacity in national indie music. We were very excited, as the references that they are, that they would participate in this new version with Gabi's unmistakable voice on the device.”

So now you know, listen to the song and then get tickets for one of their next concerts on the tour “May they worship your bones”. You can see them in Mallorca Live Festival (June 14, Calvià), Albacete (June 21, Antorchas Festival), Sarria (June 22, San Xoán Festival), Lorca (June 28, Fortaleza Sound), Valladolid (June 29, Conexión Valladolid), Elche ( July 13, Nits d'Estiu), Benicàssim (July 20, FIB), Alcañíz (July 27, Aragón Sonoro), Olivenza (August 2, Contempopránea), Borja (August 3, Festival Amante), Aranda de Duero (7-11 August, Sonorama), Vigo (August 30, Terraceo Fest), Madrid (September 13-14, Coca-Cola Music Experience), Santiago de Compostela (September 28, Sala Malatesta), Madrid (October 11-13, La Riviera).

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