Placebo explain a concert accident at a festival

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Placebo explain a concert accident at a festival

Placebo has released a statement on social media commenting on what happened at one of their last concerts, at the St. Gallen festival. The band received numerous criticisms after experiencing technical problems on stage and having to end their performance much earlier than expected.

Brian Molko begins the statement by talking about “arguments,” “accusations” and “fights” between the band’s fans in relation to their failed concert at the festival. “We have also been receiving a lot of insults, so we want to offer some clarity on what happened at our concert,” the note continues.

“Shortly after the set started, Stefan had technical problems until the guitar system stopped working completely, so he could no longer play any songs in which he used the guitar. Every attempt to remedy the problem was made, but to no avail,” says Molko.

After explaining that the band decided to stay and play all the songs where Stefan used the bass, Molko also clarified that they made sure to explain everything that was happening to the audience at that moment. “Placebo does not use recordings on stage. Everything is 100% live,” the statement clarifies.

The band’s frontman admits that “although this is still insufficient” for some people, “technical problems are part of live performances” and “no band has control over it.”

In the next few paragraphs, Molko directly addresses those who have criticized the band for what happened, inviting them to “look at the situation from a point of view other than your own, if you are able,” which is a “polite way” of saying “get a life.”

The singer concludes by defending his most loyal fans: “We are not forcing anyone to come to any of our concerts, it is your individual choice. Please feel free to think carefully about this decision in the future and stop insulting our loyal fan base in the virtual world,” the statement concludes.

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