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Pioneer DJM-S11: Screen for Battle

Pioneer DJM-S11

Pioneer is on a roll. Your new mixer scratch DJM-S11 has all the potential to become the new world favorite for the turtablism.

If a few days ago Pioneer DJ surprised us with its new CDJ, today it is the turn of its Battle Mixer flagship, the highly praised DJM-S9. The new update, called DJM-S11includes powerful features that can make a difference.

DJM-S11: New Screen

The first and most obvious is the new 4.3 inch screenin which you can see the waveform of the 4 decks that you can control. This, of course, means a step up in the control possibilities of your loops. As if that were not enough, it can function as Touch FXa touch surface to control two effects simultaneously, and as Touch MIDIto control your software in real time without taking your eyes off the computer.

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Another novelty is that you can assign the echo effect to any pad or faderto make it easier for you to apply the effect at any time, thanks to Smooth Echo. Speaking of effects, you have at your disposal the 15 of the DJM-S9 plus 7 new ones, all editable from the touch screen.

You can also control four decks in your softwarewith the possibilities that this offers you regarding mashups and live remixes. Of course, in addition to Rekordbox, you can use it with Serato DJ Pro painlessly, since it is mapped out of the box.

New Hardware

It also brings news in terms of construction. We have larger pads than in the previous model, and a new Magvel Fader Pro with more resistance. It also has a new hub USB, so you can connect the rest of your control devices, and the audio of the DJM900-NXS2, so sound quality is guaranteed.

DJM-S11 Connections

As Pioneer says in its publication, turn it up to 11. We already have it in stock, so run for it and don’t run out of it!

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