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Pioneer DJ DJM-S7: Fundamental

Pioneer DJ DJM-S7

3 months ago Pioneer DJ presented the DJM-S11 battle table, its top of the range. Today they present to us the DJM-S7cheaper and without a screen, but it hits the mark again.

The new one DJM-S7 It maintains the philosophy and style of the S11: controls designed for speed and integration with unparalleled software. You can use it with both Serato Pro and Rekordbox, and in both it is the device itself that unlocks all the functionalities, DVS included. For Serato, the functions are maintained Combo Pad, Scratch Bank and Gate Cue.

In any case, the DJM-S7 is a standard MIDI device, so you can use it with any software that supports MIDI commands, with the advantages that this represents. Count with one hub USB, to have more of these precious ports and, in a curious move to say the least, it has Bluetooth to connect the audio of a smartphone or tablet just in case.

DJM-S7 connections

What do you miss?

Regarding the S11, the most striking thing is the absence of a screen. Regarding this, there are opinions for all tastes. By clicking with software, a computer screen is much clearer, but it is true that having a reference just above the faders It is an excellent help. They remain, however, pads big and levers FXSelecttwo of the main new features of the older sister.

An exclusive novelty of the S7 is the new function MIDI Loop, which can control various functions of your DJ software by repeatedly sending a MIDI signal to the program in a set time cycle. For example, you can create a Build Up gradually shortening the cycle time of a samples that is playing on loop.

DJM-S7 Front

DJM-S7: Safe Value

As always, Pioneer is a guarantee of class and quality. Its components, construction and functions are authentic A class. This DJM-S7 gives you every last euro you spend, so that when using it you feel like an extension of your hands.

We will have it soon in our store.

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