Pile of Love celebrates with 'Happy To Hide' that no longer hides

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Pile of Love celebrates with ‘Happy To Hide’ that no longer hides

There aren’t usually many music releases in the final weeks of the year. However, this 2023 is leaving us with some unexpected and well-received EPs: ‘GRX’ by Lola Índigo and ‘Saliendo del Planeta’ by Saiko. Outside the country, the phenomenon has also been repeated, although perhaps not so mainstream names. One of those EPs has come from Pile of Love under the name ‘Super Sometimes’.

Pile of Love is a group formed in Los Angeles with members of bands such as Drug Chuch or Story so Far. Since then, counting on ‘Super Sometimes’ in 2023, they have been working on one project per year: their self-titled debut in 2021 and their EP ‘Flake On The Future’. This new release, produced by Max Epstein, is made up of four songs, among which ‘Happy To Hide’ stands out, the one chosen as the new single and in charge of opening the project.

Using the group’s signature punk sound since its inception, ‘Happy To Hide’ is a heartbreak song that doesn’t feel like one. And it does not do so because, as its title shows, there is hardly any sadness in the face of the breakup or separation of an old love. “I’m happy to hide,” the group sings in the chorus, “I’m happy to leave without saying goodbye,” they continue. Without feeling the need to close any chapter, Pile of Love looks optimistically to the future.

The magic of ‘Happy To Hide’ is, without a doubt, the indifference that each of its verses exudes and the perfect accompaniment that its instrumental provides. The theme is a goodbye, but a goodbye that is almost more intended for the sender himself than for the receiver. Although the singer confesses that he is “twisted in old beliefs,” he constantly asks himself: “Would you believe me if I said I couldn’t cry?” There isn’t a single word the singer can say to make his lover change her mind, but there isn’t because the singer doesn’t want there to be either. ‘Happy To Hide’ is the music that welcomes a new beginning.

Paradoxically with what the song tells, Pile of Love continues to gain listeners as it comes out of hiding and makes itself known. Their debut album, which came out in 2021, was a letter of introduction that was released without promotion. Nobody knew Pile of Love before the release of their debut album because both things came hand in hand. Now, more than two years later, Pile of Love is happy to be less and less hidden… even if it’s thanks to songs titled ‘Happy To Hide’.

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