Actúa con The Spanish Wave en el festival Iceland Airwaves

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Perform with The Spanish Wave at the Iceland Airwaves festival

The project The Spanish Wave travel for the first time to Iceland. And you could walk hand in hand with him to the prestigious festival Iceland Airwaveswhich is celebrated in Reykjavík andamong the November 7th and 9th.

The Spanish Wave travels to Iceland for the first time presenting an entire project representing Spanish music and music industry together with the Spanish Embassy celebrating seventy-five years of diplomatic relations between both countries. It will be between November 7 and 9 and this collaboration will result in various activities.

On the one hand there will be a showcase with emerging talents from our current music scene, an official reception from the Spanish delegation to the delegations from other countries present at Iceland Airwaves, as well as accredited media, Icelandic institutions, personalities from culture, industry and politics. of the country, a meeting to generate business between Spanish companies, professionals, agencies and offices through participation in panels, debates and speed meetings with artists. This year’s poster will feature artists such as Shygirl, Bar Italia, Úlfur Úlfur, The Vaccines, Villano Antillano, English Teacher, GDRN, Mandy Indiana, Monobloc, Overmono, Personal Trainer and many more.

But the most important thing is that The Spanish Wave invites you to participate in the emerging talent showcase that it will organize at Iceland Airwaves. For this you can present your proposals. Do you want to be part of it? Well, you have time to register and have the opportunity to participate. You can sign up from now until August 31 at 11:59 p.m. You can register at this same link.

For three days and three nights, downtown Reykjavík will be filled with music with performances everywhere from small record stores and art museums, to bars, churches, clubs and all kinds of venues. As for performances, artists from all types of genres participate, combining emerging artists to big international names.

The Spanish Wave is a project for the internationalization of Spanish talent that aims to help in the export of emerging artists and bands from our country, participating with “showcases” in the most important fairs, showcase festivals and musical events in the world, with the presence of professionals from the national and international industry. It works closely with booking agencies, record labels, and national and international promoters, in addition to partners such as AIE, the SGAE Foundation, Instituto Cervantes, Ticketmaster, Live Nation España, Mondo Sonoro and Radio 3.

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