Perforated eardrum, causes and treatment

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Perforated eardrum, causes and treatment

What is perforation of the eardrum

The breakage or eardrum perforation is a hole or tear in the tissue that separates the ear canal from the middle ear. The main consequence is the Hearing loss and the increased risk of ear infections or injuries. In this post we explain the most common causes of perforation of the eardrum and possible treatments.

The main cause of eardrum perforation usually has a traumatic origin‘. As he explains Dr. Juan Royocommunity hearing health specialist Living the Soundthe traumas that can cause a rupture of the eardrum can be several:

  • A very loud next soundlike a gunshot or an explosion.
  • A sudden pressure change in the ear canal, such as that caused by a slap or other blow to the ear.
  • A direct traumasuch as that produced when instruments are inserted into the ear: Cotton swabsforks, chopsticks, etc.
  • A head trauma with fracture of the temporal bone and tympanic involvement (less common).

Added to these traumatic causes is that caused by middle ear infection (otitis media). And sometimes, this type of infection causes a fluid accumulation whose pressure can cause the eardrum to rupture.

Possible treatments for eardrum perforation

Regardless of the cause, perforation of the eardrum will cause, according to Dr. Royo “pain, hearing loss and tinnitus, which will usually improve in a few days”. In fact, this piercing generally heals in a few weeks and without treatment. However, it is important to go to a specialist to assess the way to proceed, since sometimes even a surgical repair.

According to Dr. Juan Royo, Traumatic perforations usually close spontaneously. However, he notes that if the problem persists after 6 months, then it is likely that the wound will not close on its own and reconstructive surgery will be required, or tympanoplasty. In any case, and from the beginning, it is important avoid possible infectionsso you have to prevent water from entering the ear.

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