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Pearl E/Merge: The best of both worlds

e/Merge Battery

We already have the new Pearl e/Merge battery in the Showroom… But it is not just another battery.

As its name suggests, the Pearl e/Merge blends the expertise of Pearl, which has been making drums since 1946, with the digital percussion expertise of Korg. Everything is in Japan.


The module, e-MDL-1, comes loaded with Pearl drum samples recorded in high resolution at Music City studios in Nashville, adding electronic, ethnic and orchestral samples from Korg.

The triggers present a new technology called Wave Trigger Technology, which based on Korg’s Wavedrum, results in a response and sensitivity that is simply amazing. The simplicity of the exterior should not deceive you, since the power and sound quality it possesses have a place in any live show and in the most reputable studio. Its eight individual outputs, its 35 effects, the built-in recorder, and the WONDERFUL fader atmosphere, are details that make it one step ahead of the competition. Of course, it has midi (5-pin output, or midi over USB) and auxiliary input on a minijack, to make your life easier.

MDL-1 Module

    • Sound
      • Sound Generator: 2 CPUs (4 cores + 2 cores)
      • Polyphony 128 voices
      • Voice Preset: 700 HD Sound Library
      • Preset Battery: 35 HD Kits
      • Effects 36
      • Song recording type 44.1kHz, 16-bit WAV
      • Song recording time Approximately 12 hours.
    • Metronome
      • Tempo BPM 30-300
      • Time signature 1/2 – 24/2, 1/4 – 24/4, 1/8-24/8, 1/8T – 24/8T, 1/16 – 24/16 (T = Triplet)
      • Sounds for the metronome 10
    • Others
      • control potentiometers and ambient slider
      • 3.25″ x 1″ graphic LCD display
      • Master Out L/Mono, & R Connectors
      • Direct outputs (8)
      • Headphone output
      • Aux In TRS Mini
      • Main trigger inputs (DB-25 connector)
      • Accessory entries (3)
      • USB port to PC (USB audio and MIDI data)
      • USB-A (for WAV files and configuration data)
      • Standard 5-pin MIDI output
      • Power supply 120-240v, 50-60Hz, switching
      • Dimensions, weight 2.2 lbs (1 Kg), 9″ W (23 cm) x 7.5″ D (19 cm) x 2″ H (5 cm)

PUREtouch Electronic Pad System

The other big advancement of the Pearl e/Merge are the pads. With the bombastic name of PUREtouch Electronic Pad System, Korg’s development with Pearl has had its reward. The feel of the pads is another league. Thanks to its six layers, which respond, like an acoustic drum kit, to the area you hit and, for the first time, to the stick you use!

PureTouch Patch


The Pearl e/Merge is available in two varieties: The EM-53T (Traditional) includes a percussion pad for the kick drum in the standard format of digital drums. The trigger goes vertically on top of a tripod which means you can use it with your favorite bass drum pedal:


The second option is the EM-53HB (Hybrid). This model comes with an 18″ acoustic bass drum with an internal trigger for use with traditional bass drum pedals:



The data we have given you is fine, right? But they leave you cold… We recommend that you stop by the Showroom and try it for yourself.

e/Merge in the Showroom

You will see how things change.

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