Juanjo and Martin, not Naiara, are top 1 and 2 of Discos España

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OT’s albums fall in the charts, Imagine Dragons and Cabello enter

Dei V recovers the number 1 spot on the Spanish charts with ‘Who is Dei V?’ after the OT break. The boys from Operación Triunfo have had big falls in the list with their compilations, as in some cases they have sold out and they have had stock problems. For example, Juanjo Bona goes from number 1 to number 86. Martín Urritua goes from number 2 to number 100. Naiara goes from number 16 to number 94. And the one who holds up the best is Ruslana, who goes from number 4 to number 59. Others have fallen out of the top 100, as is the case of Paul Thin, who reached number 12.

These albums have so far interested the most devoted fans in the first week of release, but have not held the public’s attention during the second week, not even on streaming platforms. We will have to wait to see what happens with their own recordings outside the academy.

The highest entry in Spain is Imagine Dragons at number 4 with ‘Loom’, an album that is top 5 in the UK and top 22 in the United States, but which reaches number 1 in Belgium and Switzerland. Behind them is Camila Cabello at number 10 in Spain with ‘C,XOXO’. Camila has reached number 13 in the United States and number 20 in the United Kingdom. These are her worst figures ever.

While Beyoncé returns to the list with ‘Cowboy Carter’ (number 25), due to the redistribution of her vinyl; we see Fred Again appear at number 60 with ‘USB’. Beyoncé is this week number 2 on vinyl (she was number 1 on her release) and Fred Again.. is number 5 on that sub-list.

The list of entries of the week is completed by Pepe de Lucia and Paco de Lucia (position 46 with ‘Pepito y Paquito’), Neil Young With The Crazy Horse, who reaches position 67 with ‘Early Daze’; and The Warning, who occupies position 79 with ‘Keep Me Fed’.

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