Ortofon Concorde Music Moving Magnet Cartridge Series

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Ortofon Concorde Music Moving Magnet Cartridge Series

Developed by music lovers and aimed at music lovers, the moving magnet pickup capsules (MM) Concorde Music centenary Danish firm Ortofon combine top-level performance, musicality exceptional and truly iconic industrial design. Building on a rich legacy that began with the market launch decades ago of the original Concorde series, Concorde Music takes advantage of the single inheritance of one of the most successful achievements of its kind popular in the world of the audio. Originally created as a solution to the challenge of speed up assembly on any reading arm without screws or cables, the unique conception of the Concorde won the Danish Design Award Industrial and became a real icon of the audio industry.

ortofon concorde blue

The new range, presented in society during the prestigious event High End, held in Munich last May 9 to 12, constitutes a quantum leap with respect to its predecessor, by incorporating exclusive technological solutions fine-tuned by Ortofon for its key elements, from the reading tip to the coil system, including the cantilever and suspension, to which is added the compatibility of the different needles with all the available references and, as in the original range, a ease of installation extreme. Going into the details of the engineering of these attractive transducers, the reading tip It should be noted that each Concorde Music includes a polished diamond according to the most demanding precision standards of the moment, ranging from Elliptical profile stuck from the Concorde Music Red to the sophisticated Nude Shibata cut of the Concorde Music Black LVB 250. Regarding the cantileveris of very high quality or High End depending on the model, using boron or aluminum to ensure the best possible transmission of the signal generated by the modulations of the vinyl record groove captured by the reading element. Refering to suspension of the needles, is based on rubber compounds conceived and manufactured by the Danish brand in its own facilities.

Concorde Music by Ortofon

Especially significant is the critical quad coil system (“quad-coil”), each of them equipped with copper windings silver-plated oxygen-free, and together with four exclusive split pole pins from the Scandinavian firm allow you to obtain a 6mV output level, thus maximizing the dynamicthe naturalness, clarity and fidelity. Finally, let us remember that, as we pointed out at the beginning, the different needles of the Concorde Music are compatible with all models in the series, making it possible to carry out phased improvements from the very affordable Concorde Music Red to the elitist Concorde Music Black LVB 250. Let us finally note that this new family of pickup capsules adopts the names of the popular series 2M from Ortofon, consisting of, in ascending order, the Concorde Music Red, the Concorde Music Blue, the Concorde Music Bronze, the Concorde Music Black and the Concorde Music LVB 250.

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