Older people live better if they hear well

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Older people live better if they hear well

Next Sunday we celebrate the World Day of Older Persons. A day to pay tribute to men and women who still have a long way to go. Retirees and many exercising grandparents, its vitality is still notable. And that is why hearing well is key to maintaining your quality of life at a stage of full maturity and without work ties. Thus, preventing or solving symptoms of hearing loss is essential to prevent this problem from becoming irremediable.

The Life expectancy of Spanish men and women continues to grow. At the moment, it is located in the 82.8 years, the fourth highest in all of Europe. A fact that illustrates the convenience of maintaining our quality of life to the maximum by preventing or minimizing problems associated with aging, such as Hearing lossto fully enjoy everyday life.

The data is illustrative. According to a study carried out by UMusic57% of those over 50 years of age recognize that your hearing has worsened with age. However, so Only 22% admit to checking their hearing periodically. The risk and consequences of not doing so are obvious: the problem can become chronic.

Coinciding with the celebration next Sunday of World Day of Older Persons, experts remember that an ear check should be performed at least once a year to quickly detect any hearing problem and adopt the most appropriate solution in time to alleviate the loss. And in this sense it is enough to carry out each year a audiometrya very simple and painless testwhich can be done in specialized centers without any type of cost.

It is also basic that, at the slightest indication, the relatives either friends of the affected people urge you to go to a specialist to receive a diagnosis. Furthermore, this support is key to avoid possible emotional shocks, which are also usually avoided thanks to current hearing solutions that allow their users to lead a completely normal life.

UMusic Takes Care of You
Not only hearing well is key to the quality of life of older people. So is carrying a balance diet and to do physical exercisefundamental pillars on which the program pivots UMusic Takes Care of Youwhose objective is to promote healthy habits among this group.

This initiative, focused on issues related to nutritionhe sporthe welfare and the healthincludes the organization of different activities, from sports practices (outdoor or indoor) to talks offered by specialists and also by ‘ambassadors’ of the company, who share their passion for sports and personal growth.

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