Nucleus 7, the first sound processor Made for iPhone

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Nucleus 7, the first sound processor Made for iPhone

Cochlear has developed together with Manzana Nucleus 7the world’s first sound processor compatible with iPhone. This is undoubtedly great news for people with severe to profound hearing losswhich now they can do phone calls, listen to music with high quality stereo sound, look videos and broadcast FaceTime calls to your cochlear implant.

The fact that Nucleus 7 users can stream sound from their iPhone, iPad and ipod touch directly to your processor means a higher degree of accessibility, connectivity and wireless solutions. But the advantages of Nucleus 7 do not only lie in its compatibility with iPhone. It is also the sound processor of retroauricular cochlear implant Smallest and lightest available on the market. Specifically, it is a 25% smaller and a 24% lighter than its predecessor, Nucleus 6. It also has the SmartSound® iQ system with SCAN technology and dual microphonewhich helps you hear more clearly in any environment, even if it is noisy.

Another novelty of the Nucleus 7 processor is that it is accompanied by a free mobile app call Nucleus Smart Appwhich facilitates control, monitoring and personalization of hearing from the iPhone. This App also has the function Find My Processorwhich allows you to locate a lost processor by saving the location of the last place it was connected to the paired iPhone or iPod touch.

Also the impermeability is a differential element of Nucleus 7. And it is the behind-the-ear sound processor with the highest water resistance indexwith a IP68. Additionally, if used with Aqua +users can bathe or swim with him without missing anything that happens around him.

The general director of UMusic, Antonio Gassoapplauds the availability of the Nucleus 7 sound processor, “which represents an important advance to help people with hearing loss”. Gassó highlights the advantages of the new processor, “Because having greater connectivity, control and accessibility not only helps people manage their hearing on a daily basis, but also allows them to interact with their friends, family and technology to live their lives to the fullest.”

Perfect for boys and girls

The new Cochlear sound processor is also, due to its design and technical characteristics, especially recommended for boys and girls. In addition to automatic sound adjustment thanks to the SmartSound IQ system with SCAN technology, Nucleus 7 offers different fastening systemsadaptable even for the ears of the little ones in the house. It is also compatible with Cochlear True Wireless accessoriesincluding the mini microphoneand is presented in six different colors to choose from. And of course, and this is very important, it is a processor that is more difficult to lose, since the Nucleus Smart App makes it easier to locate it.

Compatibility, doubts and where to go

Nucleus 7 is currently compatible with implants Nucleus CI24RE, CI500 and from the series Profile. In any case, and also to resolve any questions, those interested in the new Cochlear sound processor can contact, starting October 30, any of the UMusic implantation care centers.

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