Nucleus 7 is now also compatible with Android smartphones

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Nucleus 7 is now also compatible with Android smartphones

He sound processor for Nucleus 7 cochlear implants It was presented last year as the first on the market ‘Made for iPhone’. Now, Cochlear has announced that this hearing solution It is also compatible with smartphones that use the Android operating system (in version 5.0 or later and that support Bluetooth 4.0 or later). This connectivity is possible thanks to the Nucleus Smart appwhich already allowed this sound processor to be linked with Apple devices.

This App, developed by Cochlear, gives Nucleus 7 users the possibility of check your hearing, monitoring and adjusting device settings. The application also allows you to view personalized hearing information. This expansion of connectivity represents another step in the evolution of this sound processor for implants, which was a pioneer in offering direct transmission to a compatible Apple device.

Javier Garciadirector of UMusic Hearing Implants Area, has announced that Nucleus 7 has incorporated new functions. For example, Forward Focusthat allows you to hear better in a noisy listening environment, such as a bar or a restaurant. In these situations, if the user activates this function, they can reduce the noise generated behind them, thus making it easier to enjoy a face-to-face conversation.

More implant users will be able to switch to Nucleus 7

To the new compatibility of Nucleus 7 with Android smartphones and its new Forward Focus function we must add another important novelty: it will be available for the first time for people with a Nucleus Series 24 implant (CI24R / CI24M). In this way, the number of possible users of this sound processor increases, the smallest and lightest in the world and which, as Jesús recognizes, changes your life.

Nucleus 7 has received international recognition this year from leading design and technology bodies, including Red Dot for Product Design 2018 and Good Design Award Best in Class in the Product Design category for its excellent design and innovation.

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