Noise-induced tinnitus

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Noise-induced tinnitus

More than 30% of the population has suffered at some point tinnitus. And the vast majority have suffered from them because of a exposure to excessive noise level. In fact, a concerta pyrotechnic show or any noisy environment can cause the appearance of an annoying ringing in the ear. In this post we explain how to detect and act in the presence of tinnitus for excess decibels.

The doctor Juan Royospecialist in the online hearing health community Living the Soundrecognizes that any noisy party or celebration in which there is music at excessive volume or explosions of firecrackers and fireworks “may result in the appearance of noise in some of the ears”. Royo explains that These beeps or hums disappear within a few hours. However, if one or two days pass and this discomfort persists, “It is better to go to a specialist to receive early treatment that can make the tinnitus that appeared due to the acoustic trauma produced disappear.”

In cases where ringing in the ear lasts several days, early attention is key to prevent the problem from becoming chronic. When this happens, when the tinnitus becomes permanent, we usually resort to treatments to mask noises and get used to themhow is the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)which is the most effective of all.

It is important to highlight that Not all sound perceptions not due to an external source are tinnitus.. Sometimes the origin can be a barotrauma, caused by a change in pressure such as that experienced in airplanes or scuba diving. Also they colds They can cause auditory sensations in the ears due to blockage of the ears. Similarly, problems in the cervical or jaw muscles They can cause noise in the ear.

Other causes of developing tinnitus

Although acoustic trauma is one of the main causes of the appearance of punctual tinnitus, there are other triggershow can it be sudden deafnessthe Sensorineural hearing lossthe inner ear infectionsthe otosclerosis wave arterial hypertension, among others. Once again, the role of the specialist is key, as he will be the one who tells us the origin of the tinnitus and whether it is punctual or chronic.

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