Nicki Minaj suffers new controversies with Kanye West… and Billboard

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Nicki Minaj previews a collaboration with Rihanna

After many weeks of delay, ‘Pink Friday 2’ is already with us. Nicki Minaj’s long-awaited fifth studio album was released on December 8 and, since then, the rapper has been starring in some controversies around the release of the album, such as the supposed sales eliminated by Billboard or the denied collaboration with Kanye West.

However, although Nicki Minaj has made her position clear about a song with Kanye West that could have been part of ‘Vultures’, now the artist is talking about another collaboration again. And not exactly with the rapper. Nicki Minaj hopes to release a song with Rihanna soon, according to what she has let her Instagram followers know.

“The complete deluxe edition of ‘Pink Friday 2’ won’t be released until Queen Rih submits her vocals,” Minaj wrote in an Instagram story. Rihanna, who starred in the Super Bowl performance earlier this year, has given no further signs that new music is on the way. Her last song, in fact, was ‘Lift Me Up’, for the soundtrack of the film ‘Wakanda Forever’. When she was recently asked about the possibility to release music in 2024, he has responded that he cannot “tell everything.” Even so, if this collaboration is true, it would be part of the deluxe edition of ‘Pink Friday 2’, on which the rapper continues to work and it seems that she has more songs left to announce.

A collaboration that does not look like it will happen so soon is that of Nicki Minaj with Taylor Swift, which the rapper would be willing to do “in an instant” if given the opportunity. She commented on it yesterday on X after praising the artist after some controversial statements in which he said that “when you go to the store, you see Taylor Swift vinyls but not mine.” Nicki Minaj quickly avoided any misunderstanding, praising the demand of the author of ‘Midnights’ and how this translates into the production of more of her vinyl: «She takes months and years off and then comes back with good music and fans who will never abandon her!!».

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