New more discreet headphones with better sound

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New more discreet headphones with better sound

The evolution of earphones it’s constant. And thanks to new technologies, these are increasingly More smalls and, therefore, more discreet. In addition, they offer better sound. A good example is the brand’s three new hearing aids. Signia Siemens that UMusic sells: Signia Siemens Pure 312Nx ​​and 13Nx, Motion 13Nx and Pure 10Nx. In the following post we present its main characteristics.

The new Siemens hearing aids share the same commitment to a small and discreet design. In addition, they have the most advanced technology so that the sound as natural as possible. In this sense, the user has greater control of the hearing aid settings, which can also be adjusted automatically through the MyControl app.

Signia Siemens Pure 312Nx ​​and 13Nx hearing aid

The Signia Siemens Pure 312Nx ​​and 13Nx hearing aids They have the system OVP (Own Voice Processing), which provides natural sound and optimal hearing of other sounds, to offer a pleasant and natural listening experience. Likewise, its function Speech Quality Pure makes it easier to understand any conversation, even in noisy environments, thanks to its ability to suppress noise. The function 3D Classifier Allows hearing aid controls to automatically adjust based on motion data from the MyControl app. And also its function Sound Clarity Pure It provides a natural and realistic sound in any environment, even if it is noisy.

Signia Siemens Motion 13Nx hearing aid

He Siemens Motion 13Nx hearing aid offers various adjustment and handling options to satisfy the wishes and needs of its users. Being a BTE (behind the ear) model Small in size, it can be placed comfortably behind the ear and is very discreet. It also has the functions Speech Quality Pureto suppress noise, 3D Classifierso that the hearing aid controls are adjusted automatically, and the function Sound Clarity Pure to enjoy crystal clear sound.

Signia Siemens Pure 10Nx hearing aid

The Signia Siemens Pure 10 Nx hearing aids They are tiny and fully automatic, so they remain completely hidden behind the earsresulting practically invisible. Remote control requires no buttons for manual adjustments and offers the ultimate in simplicity and superior sound quality.

Compatible for all types of hearing loss

These three models of Siemens hearing aids are compatible for all ranges of hearing loss: mild, moderate or severe. In addition, new devices allow control tinnitus with integrated therapies UMusic Serena. This treatment is offered in all UMusic centers of Spanish territory.

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