New Limited Edition of the Technics SL-1210MK7R turntable with Red Bull BC One

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New Limited Edition of the Technics SL-1210MK7R turntable with Red Bull BC One

August 31, 2020 – Technics launches a Limited Edition of the SL-1210MK7R turntable, which will hit the market in September. Technics is an official partner of Red Bull BC One, the largest breakdancing competition in the world. Technics SL-1200 turntables have always been essential instruments for DJ music and breakdancing culture, from their creation until now.

Red Bull BC One is known internationally as the largest breakdancing event in the world. This Limited Edition of the SL-1210MKR7 has been created as a tribute to all breakdancers who aspire with their dance to ascend to the highest levels of this discipline through the Red Bull BC One competition.

The SL-1210MK7R is based on the SL-1210MK7 turntable and stands out for some new features in its design and style:

  1. Red head with Red Bull logo
  2. Arm in gold color
  3. Sliding mat with BC One design
  4. Two Check Special Vinyl Decal
  5. Image of Technics x Red Bull BC One integrated into the turntable

Inheriting the exceptional operability and outstanding features of the SL-1210MK7

Coreless direct drive motor for stable rotation

The direct drive system uses a slow rotating motor to drive the platter. This system has different advantages. It offers good performance such as careful rotation and a powerful needle, without resorting to replacing parts and maintains high reliability after use. In previous versions, the direct transmission system produced a “cogging” effect due to an irregularity in rotation, which has been improved.

A new coreless direct drive motor has been developed for the SL-1210MK7, which uses a coreless stator. Removing the iron core from the stator eliminated the cause of cogging. In addition, the magnetic strength of the rotor magnets has been improved to the highest level and the separation between the coreless stator and the magnets has been optimized, achieving fantastic needle performance equal to that of the SL-1200MK5. With smooth rotation and powerful needle, the motor reproduces a sound true to the original in an analog record.

Forearm designed to perfectly read the signal with the best quality

The forearm, which is responsible for reading the signal by tracking the groove in the record, is statically balanced, a Technics hallmark. The tube is made of lightweight aluminum and offers great rigidity. The bearing section of the suspension construction consists of a machined housing and a high-precision bearing to ensure excellent tracking performance with minimal needle skip, even in difficult conditions such as scratches.

Plate with two-layer structure that improves vibration damping

The platter on which the vinyl is placed combines a two-layer structure with damping rubber on the entire back surface to eliminate unwanted resonance. It also offers high rigidity and excellent damping characteristics to prevent harmful vibrations from being transmitted to the record and thus provide clear sound.

High rigidity and high damping isolator cabinet for complete closure of all vibrations

The chassis, an essential part to reduce external vibrations, inherits the audio quality improvement technology fostered through the development of high-end turntables. The chassis is integrated with an ABS composite material mixed with fiberglass to achieve a two-layer construction. The combination of this special high-rigidity material and a metal chassis raises the rigidity and vibration damping performance to higher levels, creating a robust cabinet for good sound reproduction.

The isolator is composed of a spring and a rubber to provide optimal frequency characteristics. This not only ensures quality sound but also eliminates vibrations in noisy conditions.

Cable Separation and How It Prevents Sound Degradation

The power cable terminals allow for wire separation and are gold plated to minimize sound quality degradation. Since the terminals allow cables to be disconnected, cable maintenance is easier and any phono cable can be used for optimal personal enjoyment.

Starting torque/braking speed adjustment function

The SL-1210MK7 employs the latest motor control technology, developed through advancements in Panasonic’s Blu-ray Disc products. Using a microcomputer, this advanced motor control technology ensures high performance during normal rotation and also responds precisely to a wide range of DJ styles, such as scratching. The needle and braking speed can be individually adjusted according to user preference.

Tilt control adjusts speed for a stable tone

The rotation speed can be set to 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm or 78 rpm*1. The tilt control function allows fine adjustment of speed within ±8%/±16%. This function, thanks to complete digital control, achieves better control in performance and precision.

Reverse playback expands the variety of DJ playback styles

The platter rotates in reverse direction when the speed selection button and the Start/Stop button are pressed simultaneously, expanding the range of possibilities for DJs’ playback styles.

Needle illuminator with high-brightness and long-lasting LED

The illuminator has a new push-type structure and integrates a high-brightness, long-lasting white LED. The illumination area and intensity have been revised to offer better visibility compared to previous models, even in dark environments.

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