New issue of 'Oímos', the magazine for people with hearing implants

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New issue of ‘Oímos’, the magazine for people with hearing implants

The painter and sculptor Vicente Marzal He is the protagonist of the cover of the latest issue of ‘We Hear’, UMusic magazine for people with hearing implants. In fact, the experience of the users themselves, as is the case of Marzal – who has a cochlear implant-, is one of the main thematic axes of this publication.

‘Oímos’, whose first issue was published six years ago, is published biannually and its contents are based on a clear premise: adapt to interests and expectations both of the hearing implant users as of the professionals that intervene in the advice, programming, implantation and follow-up this hearing solution.

The experience of the implantees themselves is, as we pointed out, one of the main axes of the magazine. The articles and reports on new technologies applied to implants and accessories are also an important pillar, as well as the interviews with specialists who care for implanted people (speech therapists, programmers or hearing care professionals).

Technology during the pandemic

In it new issue of Oímos magazineapart from the interview with the Valencian painter and sculptor Vicente Marzal, we also find a report on those technologies that are helping people with cochlear implants during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also in this issue stands out a article about Kanso 2he smallest sound processor in the world and with best connectivity.

The magazine ‘Oímos’, apart from being able to be consulted directly from the UMusic website, also sent home to hearing implant usersto associations of implanted already professionals related to the implementation of this device.

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