New Huei phono preamp from Chord Electronics

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New Huei phono preamp from Chord Electronics

Huei distills 30 years of amplifier design and engineering into new phono preamplifier

May 9, 2019, Kent, UK: As part of this year’s 30th anniversary celebrations, Chord Electronics has introduced Huei, a new phono preamplifier that distills three decades of amplifier development into a high-performance, space-saving chassis. Conceived, developed and manufactured entirely in Britain, Huei has been carefully designed to provide turntables with the same high standards of amplification that the company has become known for over the last 30 years.

Benefiting from both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil functionality, Huei offers compatibility with a wide range of cartridges thanks to comprehensive gain and impedance adjustment options; Huei’s high and low gain switching settings are easily accessible via the front panel controls, providing excellent flexibility.

Huei’s advanced design offers (for the first time in a Chord Electronics phono preamplifier) ​​ultra-low noise microprocessor control of its key features, including a convenient memory function. With multiple impedance matching options, seven-stage switchable gain, and a Rumble Filter, Huei’s design offers comprehensive compatibility.

Precision manufactured from solid aircraft-grade billet aluminum, Huei has a similar form factor to the company’s Qutest DAC and also offers a viewing window mounted on top of the illuminated electronics. The design also shares the same polychromatic control spheres that the company has become known for in its digital products. Illuminated front panel dials offer direct access to Huei gain and impedance settings, MM/MC cartridge selection, and access to the Rumble Filter.

Huei is an elegant, practical and high-performance solution for integrating turntables into Chord Electronics (and other) systems and features balanced (RCA) and unbalanced (XLR) outputs with RCA inputs. A high quality external 12V power supply is also supplied


Input impedance: 30Ω-47kΩ, 50pF-1uF Input noise: 1.1nV/Hz
Max output voltage: 10V RMS equalization Gain range: 0dBV-75dBV

Equalization response: RIAA curve; Equalization accuracy: +/- 0.1dB Frequency response: RIAA curve = 12Hz to 25kHz
Rumble filter: Rausch Slope -24dB per octave below 50Hz
Output impedance: 520Ω (resistive)

Input power supply: 12V 100V to 240V 50/60Hz PSU Dimensions/weight: 160mm (W) x 43mm (D) x72 (H); 770g

Price and availability

The RRP price of the Huei is estimated €1,250 and would be available at the end of August (only in


About Chord Electronics Ltd

Chord Electronics Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance audio and hi-fi products. Since 1989, from its spectacular riverside base in Kent, England, Chord Electronics has been creating some of the best hi-fi, home theater and professional audio equipment on the planet. As a technology-driven innovator, Chord Electronics continues to deliver excellence through exemplary audio engineering, cutting-edge design, and true aesthetic understanding.

Chord Electronics is trusted and admired internationally and its global client base includes: Metropolis Studios, Abbey Road Studios (London); Sony Music Studios (New York), Skywalker Sound (California) and more.

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