'Nanai' is Amaia's most surreal song

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'Nanai' is Amaia's most surreal song

Amaia has released 'Nanai', her new single, announced by surprise during the opening day of Primavera Sound, where Romero performed alongside Stella Maris.

'Nanai' is co-produced with Ralphie Choo, one of the names of the pop avant-garde in Spain at the moment, and brings a sound that is difficult to classify. The club sound of Drake's 'Take Care' seems as much a reference as the rhythms of samba and bossa nova. The “pa pa pa” of the melody lead to Astrud Gilberto; the production, to the Latin forays of Jamie xx.

A mix of styles so improbable that it seems incredible that the song lasts barely two and a half minutes, ending before you realize it, 'Nanai' is, at its core, a love song. In this case, an imagined love, because in the end everything turns out to be a dream.

Located halfway between “reality” and fantasy, 'Nanai' is probably Amaia's most surreal song. Although her video clip is surreal, directed by Tomás Peña, it places Romero in a series of scenarios, each more colorful and strange.

By the way, not only Amaia and Ralphie Choo have participated in the writing of 'Nanai', but also Irene Garrido, that is, Irenegarry; María Moreno Martínez, that is, AMORE; Manuel Sánchez, co-author of 'The impossible life', theme of 'When I don't know who I am' (2022), and Javier Romero Arbizu, Amaia's brother.

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