Nadine Shah has a lot to tell in 'Twenty Things'

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Nadine Shah has a lot to tell in ‘Twenty Things’

Artists often use music as an emotional catalyst for their romantic relationships. Most great anthems are songs about love or laments about a breakup, and there is no doubt that these are the themes par excellence in the world of art. However, love has enormous facets and expressions. The look that Nadine Shah offers in ‘Twenty Things’ is further proof of the infinite ways in which it manifests itself.

Nadine Shah, 37, is a British artist preparing for the release of her fifth album. After the publication of ‘Kitchen Sink’ in 2020, Shah ends her musical drought with the first previews of her next album: she published ‘Topless Mother’ in October and has now released ‘Twenty Things’.

Revolving around love but providing a different and much more original story than the typical song dedicated to a lover, Nadine Shah brings her experience in a rehabilitation center to the fore. The protagonists, however, are neither she nor the place in which the story is set, but the bonds forged as a result of it. ‘Twenty Things’ is a romantic song that is crowned as such by using the people who accompanied Shah in one of her most difficult moments.

The artist was inspired to write this song by the people she met in a rehabilitation center. Hence, during each of the verses of the song, he introduces a different character: «They’re putting flowers at the bus stop / Some poor old junkie is in luck / He took a man and a woman on the same day », he sings in one of them. In a press release, Shah revealed that “no one tells you that you are going to end up feeling so much for the people you meet there.”

Ignoring streaming strategies, the song lasts more than five minutes in which a gloomy and gloomy sound dominates. Her video clip presents the artist in a church, another of the settings of the song, where darkness also predominates. “I have always had an aversion to sharing such literal and serious work, but the older I get, the more inclined I am to do it,” Shah commented on social media. The result has been worth it.

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