Nacho Cano blames the police and the government for his arrest

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Nacho Cano blames the police and the government for his arrest

The National Police arrested Nacho Cano on Tuesday. The arrest was made after several complaints in which he is accused of being responsible for a crime against the rights of the immigrant population and against the rights of workers. According to El País, he is accused of crimes of promoting illegal immigration and crimes against workers’ rights.

According to Cadena Ser and other media, Nacho Cano has allegedly hired illegal immigrants for his musical ‘Malinche’, which has been performed in Madrid since 2022 and has had more than 500 performances. A woman in charge of recruiting for ‘Malinche’ has also been arrested. Police believe that the recruiter offered foreign dancers a period of internship on the show in Spain with the promise of being hired when it premiered in Mexico.

The man who was one of the two main perpetrators of Mecano has been released after making a voluntary statement to the National Police and is awaiting the judge’s call. However, he has called the press to declare that the person who has denounced him for alleged irregularities is a “conflictive person” and he has defended himself thus: “We are in a country full of illegal immigrants who live off the State, this is not the case.”

According to his version, the police went to the premises to question the young people, who filed 17 complaints for “inappropriate, illegal, irresponsible, coercive treatment by the Police”. Nacho Cano’s lawyer has assured that “all the people who are hired as interns are in Spain legally and have requested their study permit in due time and form”. However, the lawyer has acknowledged that “they are waiting for those files to be resolved”.

Furthermore, Cano denies having been “arrested” but claims that he has voluntarily gone to testify. He also blames media such as El País and Cadena SER for having offered manipulated information. The bottom line, according to him, is that he blames the chief commissioner of the Leganitos police station in Madrid and the Minister of the Interior, Marlaska, for going after him for supporting Ayuso: “There is no other reason, as they have already gone after her boyfriend, her brother, her father… the only one left for them to resolve the issue of the real accusation against the president’s wife is me. I am not accused.”

For this reason, he says he will report the crime to the police and asserts: “I am not the criminal. The criminal is the police and it is they who must be investigated. If I turn up dead in a ditch, they already know who did it.” He also said: “They are going after me for being the only artist who dares to say “I am not a communist or a leftist,” because I am not and I will never be because I am not an idiot.”

The play was controversial from the start because it was to be performed on a 30-metre-high pyramidal structure. The residents of Hortaleza collected 20,000 signatures to stop the project, which was finally aborted to avoid further controversy. ‘Malinche’ is being performed at the IFEMA, amid criticism that has pointed to a lack of truth in Latin American history, and cultural appropriation.

Nacho Cano’s friendship with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid and of the PP in said Community, was also much talked about. Her partner is also being investigated for several tax crimes. Alberto González Amador is being investigated for tax fraud of more than 350,000 euros after getting rich during the pandemic by selling masks and for irregularities in the apartment where he lives with Ayuso.

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