Monsters Of Folk comparten la inédita “Disappeared”

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Monsters Of Folk share the unreleased “Disappeared”

The American band Monsters Of Folk will re-release their debut album, which is the only one they ever released, this June 14.

To the tracklist The album will include five songs from a recording session in 2012, three years after the release of “Monsters Of Folk”, which did not come out. One of them is “Disappeared”, which they have shared as a preview.

In these unreleased songs; In addition to the original members of Bright Eyes Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis, My Morning Jacket's Jim James and M. Ward; They have the member of Center-Matic Will Johnson.

In a press release included in the digital media Pitchfork, Johnson He said: “I remember looking at Jim playing the drums on 'Disappeared', playing excitedly, and it reminded me of that same exuberance of starting your first band.” James, Ward and Oberst They also participated expressing their experience. The one of My Morning Jacket He expressed, “Making this album took me back to the same feelings I had when I first started a band, or when I started playing music in general.”

Ward in this statement celebrates the freedom that is breathed in “Monsters of Folk”, since, when starting from scratch, it is much easier to innovate and take risks. “There's no story to work from,” he explains. Thus, the band let themselves be carried away by the natural course of the songs and ended up giving birth to their debut album.

The other unreleased songs that will come out with “Monsters Of Folk (Deluxe)” They are “Dear to the Assassin”, “Sweet Silence”, “The Living Thing” and “Museum Guard”. This album will be released under the label ATO.

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