MIA finds peace in the pop and zen 'AMEN'

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MIA finds peace in the pop and zen ‘AMEN’

One of the Christmas surprises has been offered to us by MIA in the form of a mixtape. Although perhaps the surprise is not as pleasant as it could be, because it is not that said mixtape can be heard on the usual streaming platforms. Outside the industry, MIA shares some of those many ideas that have been spinning around her head – and her social networks – in recent years, and have not yet officially seen the light of day.

For example, one of the things we heard in this ‘Bells Collection’ that he uploaded to his website is a song with a Boney M sample, ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’. Very Christmassy, ​​right? The thing is that that Boney M song was the B-side of ‘Rivers of Babylon’, which had already focused its song ‘Babylon’ in 2021. The song that concerns us today, ‘Amen’, which we selected as Song of the Day, It has been on YouTube for 3 years. Since she half taught it herself in a Stories.

‘Amen’ is the poppiest moment on this mixtape. It is a classic composition like few MIA has done with its verses themselves, its pre-chorus itself and its chorus repeated ad nauseam. The artist tells us that “her body is her temple” and her “mind keeps her zen.” This philosophy means finding love, whether through God or a person (“I am not afraid at your side, I offer you flowers like a florist”); and also review other moments in her life: “I have been the richest and the poorest.”

MIA prays here for her sins and hopes to meet again, also speaking of her vulnerability: «Can you forgive me like Jesus? “When I feel insecure or jealous.”

A meek MIA, in contrast to other points on the mixtape that are more warlike and chaotic… like her own “mind” when it’s not so “zen.” Let’s remember that another main song on this mixtape is in support of Palestine, ‘Free Pali’.

‘Amen’ is track 2 of the mixtape. You can listen to the songs separately, in this player.

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