María Isabel: “Better dead than fascist”

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María Isabel: “Better dead than fascist”

These are tense times in our country. The demonstrations caused by the amnesty have not gone unnoticed by anyone, and there are celebrities who are beginning to take a stand. One of them has been María Isabel, winner of Junior Eurovision in 2004 for her ‘Antes Muerta Que Sencilla’, who published a photo of the demonstration this Sunday in Seville accompanied by a heart and claiming that “Spain wakes up.”

Comments about it quickly arrived on X, where many of the artist’s followers showed their disagreement with the publication. The singer, who was not able to ignore them, recorded a video explaining herself: “When you upload something that many people don’t like, it seems like everyone starts writing to you at the same time.” María Isabel highlights that “I have not uploaded it because I support one party or another. “I don’t support any of them because they all seem like clowns to me.”

Regarding his message “Spain awake”, he points out that he does not want “the country to continue as it is”, but that he does not want “the other extreme” either. «The only thing I ask is that someone in conditions comes to look for Spain, for the country, and that they stop so much nonsense. I don’t know why it’s misunderstood,” he concludes.

María Isabel’s video did not satisfy everyone, and there were those who called it “worse than the post about the demonstrations.” This led the artist to explain herself again, this time through a written statement, in which she disassociated herself from any relationship with the extreme right: “she would never ever support a party that attacks people’s fundamental rights.” ».

During the statement, María Isabel also clarifies that she has always fought so that “everyone can express themselves and be as they want”, that she wants to affirm her “discontent with the current political situation” and that she is “disappointed with the political inconsistency.” She comments that “just because she is against a political decision” does not immediately put her “in favor of the opposite party” and promises to become more “politically informed.” “And I already said it once: dead rather than fascist.”

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