Rosalía covers 'We broke our love' at the Latin Grammys

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Manuel Alejandro praises Rosalía’s version: “Better than Rocío Jurado”

Rosalía opened the Latin Grammy ceremony in Seville with a version of ‘Se nos roto el amor’. As it could not be otherwise, her classic size adaptation has had mixed reviews. Whispered too much and not so explosive in her flamenco start, she has not achieved the unanimity of that ‘I stay with you’ that silenced the Goyas.

The same author of the topic, Manuel Alejandro, interviewed by El País, has come out to defend it. He told journalist Carlos Marcos by telephone: “he sang La with tremendous anguish and sorrow. She conveyed something very helpless. It reached me deep inside. He staged it even better than Rocío Jurado. Rosalía likes songs by right. Her feeling came from his gut.”

The legendary author of classic songs found nothing at the Latin Grammy gala to live up to: “The performance was like an aside from the grotesqueness that would come later. What Rosalía wanted to demonstrate and she demonstrated is that she is an enormous artist. “It’s incredible what that young girl transmits.” Although he has clarified in El País that he is not referring to the excess of reggaeton, a genre that he has defended, although he launched a barb: «It is a style of music that is very good. It’s basic, like the light song. In addition, it is very good for this new generation of performers, who are less prepared musically.

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