Lorde hints at her return... and praises Charli XCX

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Lorde hints at her return… and praises Charli XCX

Lorde is news for two reasons. Firstly, she has hinted at her return on Instagram by updating her profile photo and uploading a new reel of photos. In the first of these photos, Lorde appears looking on a balcony, dressed in black. In the next one, she can be seen spitting downwards. In the third image, Lorde shows a small white pill in her hand with the word “Spit” engraved on it.

In the post, Lorde shares the following phrase accompanied by a series of mysterious emojis and hieroglyphs: «Use existing tools as much as possible. If the tools do not exist, you are spiritually obliged to create them. Is the successor to 'Solar Power' closer than it seems?

Secondly, Lorde's name is circulating online following the release of Charli XCX's new album, 'Brat'. Charli has neither confirmed nor denied that one of the cuts, 'Girl, so confusing', is inspired by Lorde, but her fans believe that it is, because in the lyrics she talks about a girl she envies, who looks like her. and he even has the same type of hair. Charli and Lorde have been compared since their beginnings because of their physique, and Charli has always laughed about it in interviews.

Lorde has not ignored the rumors and has uploaded an Instagram story praising Charli XCX and her new album, shelving the idea that there is beef between them. “The only album I've ever pre-save comes out today,” Lorde wrote. «Charli has cooked this album differently. It is an album with so much punch, with so much grace… I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that it is an honor that Charli's work moves you, changes you, leaves you amazed. There is NO ONE like this bitch.

Interestingly, Charli has recently made headlines for claiming that she hasn't listened to 'Melodrama' because she doesn't listen to entire albums. She has said that “music is not the main reason I enjoy making music” (sic). It didn't take long for her fans to discover that, in 2017, Charli published a tweet in which she claimed to be listening to 'Melodrama'. It seems that, to this day, she hasn't finished hearing it…

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