Lola Indigo is 'The Queen' of the disco

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Lola Indigo is 'The Queen' of the disco

Lola Indigo has released 'La Reina', the first preview of an EP called 'Nave Dragón' that will be published soon. It will be an extension of Lola Indigo's latest album, 'El Dragón' (2023), and Mimi Doblas' first work since the release of the conceptual EP 'GRX' and the single '1000COSAS' with Manuel Turizo.

Of course, the evolution of the character continues with Mimi Doblas going from 'The Girl' to 'The Queen'. Although 'El Dragón' continues to focus on the dance floor… and on the changing rhythms, 'La Reina' goes from merengue to house without breaking a sweat. It is she who “ruffles” her boy in the lyrics, whom she subjects to her authority: “You can't be king if you don't have the queen,” she sings.

Nor does 'La Reina' renounce the obligatory EDM drop, confirming that Lola Indigo delivers with her a production fully designed to be played in clubs. It's not subtle at all. Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo (producers of 'Despacito' and allies of Aitana) sign the two-handed production.

Although 'La Reina' is not the total revelation that 'I have a boyfriend' was, its unspeakable collaboration with La Zowi, its changes in tempo and style – in 2 and a half minutes – are once again irresistible. Surely neither 'La Reina' nor '1000COSAS' are missing from the setlist of their future concert at the Bernabéu.

Speaking of '1000COSAS' we cannot ignore its tremendous success, already certified with a double Platinum Record in Spain. Published last March, it continues in the top 5 of the official singles chart. At the same time, Lola Indigo appears in position 3 along with Omar Montes and Las Chuches.

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