Lola Indigo and Maka take you to the caves of Granada

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Lola Indigo and Maka take you to the caves of Granada

Lola Indigo remains at number 2 on the Spanish charts with ‘Casanova’, her collaboration with Soolking and RVFV. As for her fantastic EP about Granada with figures from Granada, and waiting for her song with Saiko to come out, we recently highlighted ‘I have a boyfriend’ alongside La Zowi as a total great song.

But he has also given us everything, for example ‘Bad luck’, which this Christmas he performed on television without Dellafuente; or ‘El Condenao’, with Maka. The latter is actually the most successful song from ‘GRX’ and is our Song of the Day today.

The song aims to portray “the feeling of being so in love and hooked on someone who is not good for you and who makes you feel like a prison from which you are not able to get out.” This feeling, so present in the last lyrics of Lola Indigo, is manifested in stanzas like this one:
«I look for ruin
In order to give you the pleasure
It’s all nonsense
“I change euros for dollars.”

Alternating flamenco with urban music according to Universal’s own press release, ‘El Condenao’ contains clapping and street phrasing. But there could also be other surreptitious references. The winds take us rather to the folklore of Latin America; the beat and energy is that of ‘La gota frida’ by Carlos Vives; while the beautiful break in Mimi’s voice in “I don’t want to look crazy about you” could be that of any Anglo-Saxon ballad. Savage Garden or Take That used to do things like that too.

For the video, they have gone to the mythical caves of Granada to show the world the charm of such an unusual place. And people are delighted: several weeks after its release, the video still remains among the most viewed on YouTube Spain.

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