“Lirio”, cuarto adelanto del primer álbum de Maestro Espada

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“Lirio”, fourth preview of Maestro Espada's first album

The Murcian brothers Sword Master They continue to give us appetizers of what will be their first full-length, to be published next September. Now they are releasing the song “Lirio”, now available on platforms and with its corresponding video clip recorded live.

There are now four previews that we have been able to hear about what will be Maestro Espada's album, which has been produced by Raül Refree. After “Murciana”, “Estrellica” and “Mayos”, comes this “Lirio”, which combines the electronic side of the brothers Alex and Victor Hernandez with the most traditional. It is a deconstruction of a classic Murcian jota to which they give new life, demonstrating once again why they have become one of the most attractive and promising names in the new folklore of our country.

In addition to being backing musicians for Guitarricadelafuente, Maestro Espada are one of the most restless projects when it comes to combining modernity and roots. To do this, they do not hesitate to mix “castanets and distortion, lutes and analogue synthesizers, fragility and brutality, intensity and hedonism, tradition and avant-garde, popular music and experimentation, play and respect, orthodoxy and fantasy, a way of speaking and, therefore, what not, to sing. Two voices, proudly from Murcia, who have wanted to revisit one of the most ignored folklores in Spain. They have also done so with respect for tradition, but without ignoring their own influences and interests, dripping with electronic music. a musical history that they access both from memory and with the help of the authentic safeguards of Murcian music: the cuadrillas”.

On the other hand, Maestro Espada have become part of Talent Barcelona, ​​a representation company in which they are also Pau Vallvé, Marala either 31 FAM.

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