'Life without you' by Rels B and Lia Kali is the ballad of the moment

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'Life without you' by Rels B and Lia Kali is the ballad of the moment

Rels B has a new album on the market. It's called 'A New Star (1993)' and it has already been top 2 in Spain. The biggest success of this album is 'La vida sin ti', a duet with Lia Kali that a month after being top 7 in our country, continues strong at number 13 in singles in our country, which has a lot of merit, Well it's a ballad. It's our Song of the Day for this Sunday.

'Life without you' is a heartbreak song with a very particular structure. Lia Kali opens and closes the song with what we could consider the chorus, and Rels B delivers what we could consider a single verse, in the center of the composition. As if paying tribute to the main theme of the song, that is, the absence of the other person, the paths of Rels B and Lia Kali do not cross. In this case, the duo does not sound artificial or forced, but seems to have sought to ensure that their voices do not overlap, reflecting the fact that the lovers are no longer together.

Thus, Lia Kali keeps the most poetic part: «The bed without you / A square without people / A destitute sheikh / A pot without salt / Life without you / A guitar without a string / A lighter without a stone / A flight under the sea”…

…and Rels B has his typical phrasing halfway between rap, R&B and a little bit of pop. In “You forgot about me for taking flight / There is no one to stop those feet,” it even sounds a little like Alejandro Sanz, for the better. 'Ojitos lindas' by Bad Bunny and Bomba Estéreo could also be a reference, as well as the flamenco chill of some Chambao.

The surprise guest of 'Life without you' is that Pablo Enoch that we find in the credits and who is none other than DELLAFUENTE. And the verse “I have wanted to please you for a long time / And you will see that it is not easy, woman / Give me your word that you are going to stay / And you will do it when there is no too” is a reference to his 2016 song 'The Millions that I do not have'.

As for Lia Kali, it is worth mentioning the journey of her album 'Against All Prognoses', which despite having been released in March 2023, is now having the most impact. It has recently been top 38 in Spain and has already been in the official Promusicae top 100 for 10 weeks. Without a doubt, it is one of the sleepers of the season.

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