Libianca delivers a new gem in 'Mistaken'

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Libianca delivers a new gem in ‘Mistaken’

In January, we recommended ‘People’, the wonderful afrobeat by Libianca, a 22-year-old singer who has worked hard on The Voice. So, ‘People’ was the most viral song in the world. As the months went by, it became one of the great growers of the summer… and, when December arrived, it could be said that ‘People’ has been one of the great hits of the year.

‘People’ has been number 1 in the Netherlands, number 2 in the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand and number 5 in countries such as Denmark, South Africa and India. The song is certified with several Platinum albums (also in the United States) and has accumulated 520 million views on Spotify alone. With these data in hand, ‘People’ represents one of the great absences in the Grammy nominations. At the very least Libianca deserved to compete in the Breakthrough Artist category, but there was no luck.

But not everything is prizes. Libianca continues her career after ‘People’ and, this past Friday, released her debut EP. ‘Walk Away’ contains ‘People’, also the popular single ‘Juh’, and four new songs worth stopping by. Especially in ‘Mistaken’, a new wonder from Libianca that today we select as Song Of The Day.

Libianca continues on ‘Mistaken’, pampering that soft and relaxed Afrobeat sound that has made her known. A smoldering saxophone now emerges, however, in her recording, drawing her into Sade’s sensuality. Accompanied by Chloë and the Nigerian singer Oxlade, Libianca delivers a beautiful and hypnotic composition that does not renounce the melancholy of her most popular song. Vocally, her way of caressing her melody makes her worthy of all the awards there have been and will be, whether she receives them or not.

As for the lyrics, ‘Mistaken’ talks about that love that causes more doubts than certainties. Libianca believes that she may be “wrong” with her choice, but she is willing to find out. “I entertain myself with a man, who doesn’t deserve my love, maybe we should go out someday, I think you could help me fill the emptiness I feel inside,” she sings. Depression was already a topic addressed in ‘People’. In that case, Ella Libianca sang about her dependence on her alcohol. In ‘Mistaken’, the “mistake” could be something else, but the song is once again a success.

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