Liam Gallagher and John Squire release 'Just Another Rainbow'

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Liam Gallagher and John Squire release ‘Just Another Rainbow’

Liam Gallagher, former member of Oasis, and John Squire, former guitarist of The Stone Roses, that is, two of the biggest icons to come out of Manchester, have recorded a joint album, reports The Guardian.

The specific details of this work are unknown, except for the first single, which is titled ‘Just Another Rainbow’ and is available, as announced, from today, January 5, being one of the great news of the day on the playlist « “Ready for the Weekend.” Citing the official press release, The Guardian reports that Gallagher and Squire are preparing a promotional tour.

The Guardian has been able to listen to the album and describes that its sound brings together influences from Brit-pop, psychedelic rock, garage, blues and the psychedelic pop of the Beatles at the time of ‘Revolver’. Curiously, Gallagher alluded to his album with Squire last October, stating, in his usual hesitant tone, that it is the “best album since ‘Revolver’.”

Just Another Rainbow

‘Just Another Rainbow’ meets the description provided by the British outlet: the psychedelia that the Stone Roses already practiced at the time is skillfully applied in this recording where Squire’s guitar solo evokes the electric shocks of Jimi Hendrix. Liam navigates the melody with all the devotion to ’60s rock that he has always professed.

The “emotional melodies”, the “pounding rhythms” and the “strong riffs” will also be present on the joint album by Gallagher and Squire. That is, it will be a bit what you expect from the union of Oasis and Stone Roses, two groups that already had their common history: in the nineties, Squire played on tour with Oasis and, in 1997, Gallagher wrote a song with Squire, ‘ Love Me and Leave Me’, performed by Squire’s post-Stone Roses breakup band, the Seahorses.

Among the influences that have guided the sound of Gallagher and Squire’s album are Jimi Hendrix, Sex Pistols, Faces, Bob Marley and the Bee Gees. Greg Kurstin, the ubiquitous producer, plays bass on the album, and Joey Waronker is on drums.

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