León Benavente, Sidonie, Shinova y Claim, nuevas bandas confirmadas en Selvatic Málaga Fest

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León Benavente, Sidonie, Shinova and Claim, new bands confirmed at Selvatic Málaga Fest

He Selvatic Malaga Fest continues to close its tight concert cycle for this summer. On this occasion he announces for the August 29 he Indie Day with León Benavente, Sidonie, Shinova and Claim. Tickets can be purchased starting June 12 at EnterTicket and selvaticfest.es.

Selvatic Málaga Fest will begin in 10 days at Málaga Forum, offering a series of concerts with more than thirty prominent artists from the national and international scene. The organization has announced a new batch of confirmations that includes León Benavente, Sidonie, Shinova and Claim for Indie Day on August 29.
Four names whose live performance precedes them and are at their best, and never better said The present the brand new fourth album by Shinovahas reached number 1 on the sales charts in Spain. Leon Benavente They are finalizing their new album and their recent single The feast They enhance its more electronic side. Then this Claima band to discover if you haven't already, with that combination of personal pop and world rhythms that turn on Bengal, the last work of the Murcians. What to say about SidonieThose never fail.

Diversity as a Central Axis

Selvatic Málaga Fest stands out for its musical diversity, covering genres from rap and dembow to flamenco and international pop. This inclusive approach seeks to attract a wide range of audiences, consolidating diversity and representation as key elements of its programming.

Tickets and Access

Tickets for Indie Day will be available starting June 12 at 12:00 p.m. on Enterticket and on the festival's official website: selvaticfest.es.

The Indie Day of Selvatic Málaga Fest aims to attract new audiences interested in indie, allowing you to enjoy live some of the most prominent bands of the moment in this genre nationwide. This initiative is aligned with the festival's philosophy of including and representing diverse musical styles and audiences, making Selvatic Málaga Fest an inclusive and varied event.

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