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Learn how to connect your electric guitar to PC now

Do you want to record a demo or song, but you can’t access a studio? So, almost certainly, you are thinking about recording with your computer. Without a doubt, it is a great option that can give very professional results. Are you ready? We’ll see how to connect your electric guitar to PC!

With Jack Adapter

If you want to connect your guitar to your PC quick and relatively simple way, this is your solution. Simply get an adapter. This goes from Jack to mini Jack, or what is the same, from 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm.

This option, in addition to the undoubtedly fastest route, is the cheapest. What then is your Achilles heel? Well… The quality.

Right off the bat, as soon as you connect it to the PC, you will surely be able to see a delay of about two seconds between the moment you play a string and the sound is produced on your computer. For this specific case there is a solution.


You will only have to download several drivers from ASIO4ALL. With the drivers installed, this effect will most likely subside. At least as noticeably as you may still experience some latency.

In any case, The audio quality when connecting the electric guitar to the PC is not going to be very good. It will be heard very softly and you will not be able to get the sound close to the professional that we are all looking for. This is mainly because the PC is not prepared for you to connect the guitar in this direct way.

With an audio interface

Ok, if you want to know how to connect your electric guitar to PC, this is surely the best option. If you use it wisely, you will be able to obtain a sound very similar to the professional one, with great quality.

Likewise, it doesn’t hurt to have the drivers installed and updated, preferably the ones that come with the audio interface, although the ASIO4ALL ones don’t hurt. Yes indeed, check that they do not generate any incompatibility.

But let’s just say, by inserting the guitar jack into the audio interface and connecting it to the PC, you would be ready to do whatever you want.


The variety of options when choosing an audio interface to connect your electric guitar to your PC is quite wide. The price ranges range from €38 for the cheapest, to… Well, let’s leave it at that. you can spend whatever you want. But you should know that if you want to invest several thousand euros in one, you can.

In case you cannot spend that much money, don’t worry, practically all the options that are below €100 will give you a few very good results when you connect your electric guitar to the PC.

Connect the guitar to the PC via USB

Do you need more options to know how to connect your electric guitar to your PC? This is another fairly quick alternative. As with the adapter, drivers are essential. Now, the quality you are going to obtain… It is not the same as that of an audio interface.

Also, to be honest, the price between a Jack to USB cable and one of the cheapest interfaces does not differ excessively. Therefore, It’s not the worst optionespecially to connect the guitar to the PC without an interface, but safely, not the best either.

Pedalboards and mixing consoles

Both cases are useful for connecting electric guitar to PC, especially If you have either of the two devices at home fulfilling any other function and you are not going to make a specific purchase of one exclusively to plug them into the computer.

With the mixing console you will gain, above all, in inputs. The most normal thing is that with one of these you can connect a couple of guitars or a guitar and a microphone.

The pedalboardsOn the other hand, they will give you the most of their effectsalthough it is advisable to be careful, because many of them will not be recognized directly by the PC.

Programs to achieve the perfect experience

Once you have your electric guitar connected to the PC, the most interesting part remains. What do you want to do with it? There are several options, use the PC as an amplifier or the most common and what you are most likely to look for, record the sound.

Actually, you can even combine amp plug-ins when recording, so let’s take a quick look. several options that are sure to be useful to you.

Bias Amp 2

With this plug-in you will be able to achieve some quite realistic effects when you connect your electric guitar to the PC. There are many options it offers, but its most negative point is that the pro version costs almost €300.

You can try it by downloading it from here.

Ignite Amps

This is one more than great option for rockers and, above all, metalheads who want to connect their electric guitars to the PC. Within these styles, their sounds are powerful and perfectly achieved. The counterpoint? If you want more characteristic sounds from other genres… It’s not for you.

If it’s for you, try it now, you won’t regret it. Download it here.


Okay, now we move on to the recording programs, and, of course, the first has to be this classic. If you are going to connect your electric guitar to your PC for recording, this option is a lifesaver. Easy and very competent, as well as completely free. It complements great with most plug-ins.

Does it have negative points? Well, the truth is that you can only record one instrument at a time and you will not be able to generate MIDI files, but hey, as a free option, it is much more than a simple emergency resource. You can download it here.


This DAW is very complete! Multitrack audio, simultaneous recording of several instruments, MIDI processing and mixing, effects, own plug-ins… Your options when connecting the electric guitar to the PC are almost endless. But everything good has a price and its free version only lasts 60 days.

Likewise, it is an enjoyable program. If you want to take a look, do it here.

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