Learn how to clean your electric guitar step by step

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Learn how to clean your electric guitar step by step

Keeping your electric guitar in perfect condition is something essential if you want it to maintain a good sound every time you use it. For this reason, regular cleaning is essential. If you don’t know and want to learn how to clean an electric guitar step by step, you are in the right place.

Come with us, we will explain all the details so that you can get the best rock and roll or metal of the strings of your instrument.

First, the strings

Before starting, Let’s make it clear that these procedures are going to be useful whether you want to know how to clean your electric guitar or your bass. Let’s go with it!

The ropes are a fundamental and indispensable part of our instrument, so if we want the pickups to capture the vibration well, removing dirt is vital.

The best preventive measure is to Whenever we are going to play, let’s try to do it with the clean hands. This way, the dirt that accumulates will be less and will make the cleaning process of your electric guitar easier.

If you want to know how to clean an electric guitar with homemade products, your best option is to do this maintenance routine every time you use it. When you finish, wipe the strings and bridge with a damp clothas well as for the body.

Now, if what you need is a deep cleaning, Get ready to remove the ropes.

This is a step in which you must be very careful. You can do it in two ways, loosening the strings little by little from the headstock and removing them whole or cutting them with pliers. If you cut them, then you will have to remove the excess from the headstock.

Once you have removed them, You can choose to clean them well, if you are going to keep them, or put new ones. If you want to clean them well one by one, you can use a specific product for this such as Dunlop String Cleaner 65.

Although if you had them very tight it is better to change them directly, since putting them back on can be quite complicated. It is best that you add the use of this product to your maintenance routine with them on.

Since this is one fundamental part of the guitar and also key to obtaining the best sound from it, in addition to the element with which we are constantly in contact, One point must be taken into account regarding cleaning..

If you use special oilsIt is possible that notice the strings a little more sliding. In principle, this should not be anything negative, but if you like that they offer a little more resistance when passing through them, it may seem strange to you.

If so, the best option is to Fiddle with them a little until they lose that slippery film that the oils provide., especially if you are going to play at a concert or in front of people, as well as a recording. It is best that you leave it ready so that you feel as comfortable as possible when playing.

The mast

Now that you have good access to the mast without the ropes being in the waylet’s continue seeing how to clean your electric guitar.

As the neck area is the area that is most in contact with our hands when playing, it is also one of the areas that gets the most dirty, apart from the strings, of course. Here sweat can easily accumulate of our hands, even if they are clean at the time of playing or practicing.

The best and simplest thing is that use the wet cloth again. If you see a lot of embedded dirt, you can apply a little Dunlop lemon oil solution. Of course, if the neck is made of maple, it is better not to use this last option, because it could deteriorate.

In any case, if you see that with the damp cloth is not enough and you do not have a specific oil at that moment, it is better to Delay deep cleaning for another time. If you apply any product that is not special for the guitar neck, you can damage the wood.

The dishes

Although they are located on the neck, the best thing if you want to know how to clean your electric guitar thoroughly is to clean them separately. It is mainly due to the material they are made of, generally some type of metal.

Unlike the sweat that accumulates on wood, which can usually be removed more or less easily, it can cause corrosion on the frets, causing them to rust.

If this is the case and beads with rust on them or if you see that due to the passage of time they have lost their natural shine, you can apply a specific product. If you have a little more experience and skill, to clean the chrome frets of your electric guitar, you can use 2000-grit sandpaper or steel wool, very gently.

These materials can potentially damage the neck, especially if they come into contact with the wood, so if you are not confident enough, Take it to a Luthier.

The headstock

In the process of cleaning an electric guitarhow to clean the headstock of a guitar is also a delicate part. If you carry out proper maintenance, it should not accumulate much dirt.

In case you already have it, just like with the frets, It is best to use specific products or take your instrument to a Luthier.

The body

Although we are very heavy with it, also for the body, It is best to use a damp cloth every time you finish playing. Yes indeed, Remember to wipe another dry cloth in all places so that the humidity does not affect the wood.

Now, if you are again looking to know how to clean your electric guitar deeply, it is best to use the Dunlop 65 again. This way you make sure you don’t damage the varnish and leave a professional shiny finish.

These are some tips on how to clean your electric guitar thoroughly and thoroughly. Although you already know, If you are unsure about something and think you may damage the instrument, contact a professional for advice!

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