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Lana Del Rey: “When I played on SNL I lived in a hostel”

Lana Del Rey has proven to be one of the best and most influential songwriters of her generation. However, there are still those who question her path to success. The idea that Lana is not a truly self-made star, supposedly because she comes from a rich family, as if her talent could be bought that way, has dogged the artist since the dawn of her career. .

It seems that someone has brought up this argument again by posting a comment on Lana Del Rey’s Instagram account, which of course Lana has seen. And the author of ‘Ultraviolence’ has decided to respond to deny that she grew up in a good family.

In a message captured by the “back in the day when the media was allowed to write lies about other people.” Elizabeth Grant says that “I grew up in a mountain town, in a small house, and we had the same trouble making ends meet as the rest of the people in a town of 900 inhabitants,” and states that “there is no other truth.” » than that. And she adds: «If that story were true, I would admit it, as I do with my other issues. But I’m not going to pretend that I knew what it was like to have money, because I didn’t know it until I was 26. There are famous people who have grown up rich, but I am one of them.

The age that Lana mentions in the message is not coincidental, since she was exactly 26 years old when ‘Born to Die’, her first album, was released in 2012. Today, ‘Born to Die’ is one of the greatest pop classics of the 21st century: the album has completed 500 weeks (10 years) on Billboard, and each and every one of its songs is certified with a Gold or Platinum Record.

In a video posted on Instagram, and later deleted, Lana has once again cleared up the misunderstanding about her family origins. Grant says that he grew up in one of the “most rural” towns in the United States (referring to Lake Placid) and that he attended an affluent boarding school (he doesn’t mention it by name, but it is Kent School, one of the most expensive schools in the country). ) thanks to financial help since his uncle worked in the administration. Del Rey claims that her schoolmates came from families with money, but she did not, and that she faced constant ridicule because of her origins. Lana explains that her classmates marginalized him and called him things like “white trash.” Additionally, she points out that, although her father began purchasing web domains at one point in her life, he did not profit from them until later.

Later, Lana explains again how she managed to perform on Saturday Night Live before releasing an album, something unusual at the time. “When I performed on SNL I lived in a hostel, I was able to play there because I had signed a publishing deal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”

Curiously, Lana’s own official biography available on Spotify seems to contradict her words, as it literally says that she comes “from rich parents.” Her father, Rob Grant, has dedicated himself to the world of finance, working as a broker, and has also been an advertising copywriter and web developer. In the video, Lana says that her father has also worked in the world of carpentry. This year, Grant released her debut album, ‘Lost at Sea’, inspired by her love of the sea. Lana collaborates on the title track and ‘Hollywood Bowl’.

For her part, Lizzy Grant’s mother, Patricia Hill-Grant, has also worked in the business world, serving as an executive accountant. In the video, Lana explains that Patricia was dedicated to special education. With her mother, Lana maintains a distant relationship. “I haven’t seen my mother in a long, long time,” Lana sings on ‘A&W.’

This summer, Lana, who has always remembered that she lived her youth in a trailer park, and that she took her first steps as a musician playing in bars and clubs, wanted to try again the feeling of living a humble life, and has hung up an apron to work as a waitress at a waffle house.

In other news related to Lana Del Rey, the artist is about to release new music. ‘Suburban House’, her single with Holly Macve, is out “in a few days.”

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