Lana del Rey and Quavo to release 'Tough' next week

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Lana del Rey and Quavo to release ‘Tough’ next week

Lana del Rey and Quavo have an unexpected collaboration on their hands. The author of ‘Summertime Sadness’ and the member of Migos, now inactive, have decided to surprise all their followers with the announcement of a joint song. ‘Tough’ will be available on July 3, on the eve of the 4th of July celebration.

This afternoon, both artists shared the release date of the single on their social networks with a snapshot that could well be the cover of the song. Initially, the post indicated that the release date was July 5. However, shortly after the date was replaced by July 3.

Recently, Quavo and Lana sang the long-awaited song in its entirety in concert, with the former Migos member surprising everyone with his vocal ability.

Although it may seem totally surreal at first, it wouldn’t be the first time Lana has worked with someone so far removed from her genre. ASAP Rocky and Playboi Carti are some of the rappers with whom the American has already collaborated in the past. In addition, Quavo and Lana have been seen together on several occasions in recent months.

The first preview showed a small conversation between the rapper and the singer over a base that could easily fit into the music of either of the two, since it combines both trap percussion and vintage-sounding guitar chords. “You wanna come up north? I’ll show you where I’m from,” the Atlanta native can be heard saying. The fragment is illustrated with a photograph of Lana and Quavo in the latter’s childhood home.

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