Karol G climbs to the top 1 in Spain with 'If I Had Met You Before'

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Karol G climbs to the top 1 in Spain with ‘If I Had Met You Before’

What she didn’t achieve in her first week, she has achieved in the second. Karol G adds a new number 1 in Spain with ‘Si antes te había conocí’, that song that mixes merengue with mambo and that at first did not win so much favor from the audience.

The song, in addition to being the official top 1 in Spain, has managed to climb into the Spotify Global Top 10 in recent days, specifically to number 9. All this after a timid entry around the top 25. The song debuted at number 34 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is yet to see how it performs in the United States in the coming weeks, but the trend on Spotify is positive. It is now certain that the singer has a new international hit.

Other hits that Karol G maintains in the Spanish top 100 are ‘Qlona’ with Peso Pluma (top 44, four times platinum), ‘Amargura’ (top 47, triple platinum), ‘Contigo’ with Tiesto (top 60, platinum), ‘TQG’ with Shakira (top 66, 8 times platinum), ‘Provenza’ (top 84, 7 times platinum), and ‘Mi ex estaba razón’ (top 99, platinum).

The strongest entry of the week is ‘Goteras’ by Omar Montes and JC Reyes, straight to number 4; although perhaps the most curious is that of Manuel Carrasco at number 100 with ‘La reina del baile’.

Other entries have been ‘Razones’ by Ozuna, Anuel AA, DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz (top 21), ‘Cuando te vi, Crossover #5’ by Big One, María Becerra and Trueno (top 30), ‘Ohnana’ by Kapo (top 31), ‘Perros&Gata$’ by Nicki Nicole and Saiko (top 33) and ‘Orion’ by Boza/Elena Rose (top 85).

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