Karmento does not want more "Fangos" in his life

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Karmento does not want more “Fangos” in his life

Karmento will publish his new album ‘La serrana’ next February. In addition, it has already announced some presentation dates that you can check below these lines. It will be her first album after her successful performance at Beniform Fest with ‘ Quiero y duel ‘: the artist from La Mancha did not win, but she did qualify for the final and gained a new audience.

The successor single to ‘Este devenir’ is a double “A-side”. On the one hand, there is the song ‘Fangos’. And on the other, ‘La loca del pueblo’, some more traditional verdiales in honor of “the different, drunk and disturbed” who find shelter in a community. The first, more experimental, is our Song of the Day.

According to the note from the El Tragaluz seal, ‘Fangos’ represents “a place where you can establish your will above desire, manifest true pleasures and express your limits, practice the various ways of loving and accept the passage of time, the loss of youth and the welcome of wisdom. It is also “Karmento’s gratitude to all the good men who have passed through his life and have contributed to his transformation.”

‘Fangos’ also celebrates difference, like ‘La loca del pueblo’, in its own way. It starts almost like an ambient production, gloomy but rhythmic. As a “spoken word”, it speaks at that moment of a “disgusting fear of smelling bad, of being giddy, of getting old.” It seems like a lie there, but the song will offer a proper chorus.

“If you knock at my door”, first “teased” and then displayed and celebrated, it does become that chorus to join in those concerts we were talking about. Karmento is committed once again to leaving toxicity aside. Although evil lurks (“between wanting to be loved and then repelling it, I have enough for a lifetime”), the artist does not want more dramas in her life, because she already has enough with hers: “come with flowers and songs, no Bring me other muds, I have enough with mine.”

Confirmed dates:
– February 23: Teatro Eslava (Madrid)
– February 24: Wolf Room (Barcelona)
– April 5: Teatro Circo (Albacete)
– May 10: Teatro de las Esquinas (Zaragoza)
– June 14: Room X (Seville)
– June 15: Cochera Cabaret (Málaga)

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