Karavana comparten fechas de “Entre amores y errores”

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Karavana share dates of “Between loves and errors”

The trio Karavana is currently touring summer festivals, but they have already announced “Between Loves and Errors”a new album with which they will begin touring in September.

Gonzalo (vocals and guitar), Emilio (bass and second vocals) and Jaime (drums) are currently going from festival to festival on a tour that will take them to the most important stages in the territory, among many others. But starting in September they will start a new tour with a new album and with which they will bring a new show to theaters.

“Between loves and mistakes” will be released by Vanana Records and BMG Spain and scheduled for September 13, 2024. From then on, the trio will present their new repertoire in theaters, in addition to reviewing hits such as “Strokes”, “Qué putada”, “Madrid” or “Pop hangover”.

“Between loves and mistakes” will include a total of ten songs, which will be “Loves and errors”, “Cariño”, “Fantasma”, “Summer of 27”, “Pastillas”, “Who wants more?”, “Tuesdays, Saturdays”, “Same vices”, “Time” and “The end”.

The dates that have been announced are:

September 27 (Custom Room, Seville)
October 19 (Madrid, La Riviera)
November 2 (Valladolid, Porta Caeli)
November 9 (Granada, Aliatar room)
January 24 (A Coruña, Garufa)
January 25 (Oviedo, Tribeca Live)
February 14 (Murcia, REM room)
February 15 (Alicante, Stereo room)
April 4 (Barcelona, ​​Razzmatazz 2; Mil·lenni Festival)
April 5 (Valencia, Sala Moon)

You can get tickets at this same link.

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